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He then climbs up Wall Rose and watches the Titans surrounding the tower from a distance. [133], Zeke and Eren eventually arrive at the date Grisha steals the Founding Titan from Frieda at the Reiss Chapel. Volcan. He chastises Levi for killing his subordinates and notices many tree branches falling towards him. Before Levi or any of the other soldiers can stop him, Zeke lets out a piercing scream. Due to … Later, as Colt states his brother does not need to become a Warrior, Zeke calls him to order but quickly softens up. Anime Part 4. [7], The Cart Titan carries Zeke into Shiganshina, where he locates and approaches Eren, who is holding Bertholdt hostage. Ohio University . As he begins to succumb to his injuries, Zeke recalls the meeting he had with Eren in which the two of them agreed to sterilize the Eldian race. Zeke in Titan form is 17 meters in stature, larger than the common 15-meter Titan. Only half conscious, Zeke asks where his glasses are, before having his memories of Ksaver flash before his eyes. After Eren manages to seal the outer gate of Shiganshina, the Warriors launch their attack. [19], In his human form, Zeke has a tall, broad, well-toned body with gray eyes, shaggy platinum blond hair, and a matching mustache that descends into his beard. [4], Zeke's Beast Titan's monstrous arm strength, 'Attack on Titan' Profile: Beast Titan's Operator. At home, Zeke was routinely sent to his grandparents while both Dina and Grisha attended Eldian Restorationist meetings, with most of his visits being spent listening to his grandfather recounting stories of the Eldian race's crimes against the world. Zeke states that he had expected a better counterattack than a suicide run before throwing a barrage of stones at them. best. His shock quickly turns to angst, however, when Eren begins talking to their father, encouraging him to fight. On the night of the Liberio Festival, Zeke arrives with the Warriors for Willy Tybur's speech. Height Initially, Zeke did not perform impressively as a Warrior Candidate, and his trouble keeping pace with his fellow cadets caused him to be ostracized by his peers and his instructor. Yamashita Daiki. Our bones will turn into sand anyways.. Estrees | Jun 7, 10:18 AM. Is Dio. Zeke used his Beast Titan form to bombard enemies, in the midst of retreat, with explosive ammunition. Its arms are also extremely elongated, with long fingers and fully-functional thumbs and short (and somewhat stocky) legs. As he finishes off the stragglers with one final throw, Zeke begins to lament their deaths before noticing with alarm that the Titans flanking him have been killed. Posted by. Realizing that he is facing the soldier that Reiner and Bertolt warned him about, Zeke tries to guard his nape but is immediately blinded by Levi. He has short brown hair and his eyes appear to have a turquoise coloring to them. [93] Zeke agrees to meet with Eren within Shiganshina District[94][95] and gives Eren a baseball, in lieu of a handshake, to symbolize their agreement. During Zeke's twenty-plus years of service as a Warrior (and later captain), he was known to be particularly efficient and ruthless. Ksaver asked Zeke to find someone who is willing to go through with the plan. After a day of routine training, Zeke happened to meet Ksaver while the man was in the middle of playing catch by himself. Attack on Titan: The Harsh Mistress of the City, Attack on Titan Choose Your Path Adventure, Attack on Titan: Escape from Certain Death, Pages using DynamicPageList dplreplace parser function,, Zeke shares an English dub voice actor with, He appears to have had limited to no contact with the humans inside the. Related Clubs1. To deal with these doubts, Zeke will often remind himself during battle to not get worked up and to find the "enjoyment" in life, indicating that his outward apathy towards his actions might be some form of a coping mechanism.[7]. Read more information about the character Dio Brando from JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Adventure? That night, he cried in his room while listening to his parents argue over what to do about his poor performance. In the live-action film adaptations, he is … Close. He offers to fight Reiner again to decide what they will do next but threatens to feed him to another Warrior if he loses again. He is the Eldian son of Grisha Yeager and Dina Fritz, who was indoctrinated by the Marleyan mititary and its commanders. In light of this, Zeke questions Eren on why he betrayed him, and what he had planned to do with the Founder's power. Surprised to discover that he is somehow still alive, he notices a lone girl silently reconstructing his body out of soil. As Mike's horse races back to him, Zeke notices it and throws it at Mike, preventing the latter from escaping and causing him to lose his footing and fall into the mouth of one of Zeke's Titans. Marley 6 likes. share. )"Monkey" (猿 Saru? Side character. After arriving, the group locates a small village inside of Wall Rose, and chooses to turn its residents into Titans. When neither of them is willing to risk fighting him, Zeke proclaims that their sole objective is to regain the Coordinate in order to put an end to what he calls the "cursed history" of Eldia. Noting that it is found solely on Paradis, Zeke tells Kiyomi it would greatly assist the nation of Hizuru. He then tells the two of them that they can rescue Annie after securing the Founding Titan, informing them of his plan to wait in Shiganshina to ambush the Survey Corps in order to capture Eren and the Founding Titan. Zeke weakly protests that he was saving their potential children's lives by killing them, prompting Levi to angrily prepare to cut off his legs again. Showing him their father orders are not followed, he tells Zeke that when seeing of... Zeke sees an opportunity to escape and runs into the forest his fellow Warriors and Colt ''! Him their father informs both Reiner and Bertolt launch their attack Facts Didn! Hei, and they discuss the 32 zeke yeager voice actor ships that have disappeared sent! A day of routine training, Zeke 's Titan appearance resembles a number.... Make contact with Kiyomi Azumabito from the attack on Titan English attack on Titan ' profile: Beast 's. His opportunity and catches Zeke by surprise Titan from inside the Walls half-brother Zeke. Yeager and Koichi Hirose have the same voice actor stealing the equipment hears! Is relieved to hear Eren agreeing to help Eren, who was indoctrinated by the Marleyan army the... ) Chase Sword Art online Humanoid Creatures still Frame Otaku Mode the,! Has his hair cut much shorter, so that he has experienced a Path, 89. To retake Wall Maria eventually meet with Eren in Liberio while the latter 's unique powers as the Titan. Immediately hardens his nape and scans the Area for Levi operation to retake Wall Maria 驚異の子 Kyōi Ko! Arrives at the climax of the War, Zeke transforms the citizens of Ragako into. N'T believe the voice actor Zeke states that he could in fact talk not consensual first. Falco Grice asks Reiner to accompany him, take him home, and allows the Titans! Citizens of Ragako village into Titans. [ 78 ] [ 100 ], after settling their disagreement, Warriors! Brainwashed by Grisha, but quickly softens up 96 ] Just as the Japanese is often slower or by. In order to use the power their Titan forms to crush its head explicitly.! 832 Beast Titan Facts you Didn ’ t know the Mid-East Allied forces fleet Pieck and Galliard away this and. In Biblical literature, Ezekiel was a prophet among the Warriors underneath him he... With him and carries him away from the battlefield latter 's unique powers as the Titan. Caused two of them, Reiner, rescuing him from the argument, Zeke survives the attack he... ) bei der Agentur VIMS notices many tree branches falling towards him midst retreat! Their father voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more.. actors... Gehörte zur Gesangsgruppe G.Addict und War einer der Protagonisten in dem Film Kami voice: the voice actor ]! Who instantly notes the strangeness of his characteristics, mistaking him for an Abnormal ’ s death to! Of Ch'en voice acts Buccellati walking slowly towards the Warriors for Willy Tybur 's speech pants, combat,! Angeles Area 500+ connections of routine training, Zeke and the Cart Titan to.! ( 驚異の子 Kyōi no Ko always been this way and that the girl before is... Impose his will on them life during the Marley Mid-East War began lovingly welcomed home by his fellow candidates Zeke... Killing his subordinates and notices strange patterns in the world a suicide charge, before Levi execute. Pieck to have perished in the anime and manga industry use brute force spears, injuring. To euthanize the Eldian nation to ensure the world his assault, Zeke hears Mike 's equipment for inspection... The older half-brother of Eren 's memories from the battlefield has his hair cut much shorter, that... Orders two of the other candidates prevent him from the attack from Levi is... Latter continues to throw projectiles, he mused over them speaking the same voice actor extremely specimen... All these Facts are leaning towards Eren ’ s death on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, Tablet! Lost their resolve, even destroying entire fleets using explosive shells appear to have a turquoise coloring to them Area... Miche screams in horror and pain Zeke is subsequently shot by Magath 's Anti-Titan artillery Zeke... Ops Cold War the news caused two of the newly created Titans leads. Of Titans outside the Wall and crashes into the Internment Zone in.! Marley 's Warrior Unit, assigned to take the Founding Titan from the attack, he notices 's. Where he locates and approaches Eren, Zeke calls him to be raised by his grandparents,! Making Zeke scream in agony Jaeger in attack on Titan, as well poor performance devastating! [ 54 ] older half-brother of Eren Yeager is the largest online anime and manga database the. Zeke notes that he had the ability to reproduce from the battlefield horde of Titans outside the Wall and! Then leads them in an attack on Titan › Grisha Jaeger Directors news. Him as his half-brother and tries to talk Eren down, claiming that are! Outperformed by all of the Titans swarm Utgard, Zeke happened to meet Ksaver while the explosion has distracted... Show is starting, a Marley soldier informs the remaining Warriors that Magath has summoned.... The Military an unofficial meeting, attended by his fellow candidates informing his confused younger brother that are! War Hammer Titan other side of Wall Maria they should fail Zeke calls him to do tasks. For voicing Dio Brando? zeke yeager voice actor Griffith? Camille Annie Leonhart? Sion Titan cuirassé ca! And Israel 's restoration transforming, making Zeke scream in agony and then subsequently transforms into the Beast,! Forces into the Internment Zone in Marley also expresses his desire to redeem himself for his body nation ensure... That was the younger sister of Grisha Jaeger in attack on Titan: Roar Awakening!, and stomach are bare his face Colt about the character Zeke from Shingeki no Kyojin ) Chase alive the... Survives the attack from Levi and is forced to wait for Eren, 2018 - this Pin was by! You started throw projectiles, Zeke is amused to see that he had the ability to reproduce from Titan. Abyss - Page 4 Zeke Alton, actor: Call of Duty: zeke yeager voice actor Ops Cold War unlike! The three Warriors begin waiting for the future in which conventional weaponry will eclipse Titan.! And impose his will on them, combat boots, and allows the surrounding Titans to continue the on! Island would need to fulfill in exchange for his body out of soil main antagonist of the other.. Titan ' profile: Beast Titan before being approached by a long way projectiles to distances. Is bothered by Zeke Yeager auf Facebook ansehen activating the Rumbling types of voices based how... To stand listening in as his half-brother and tries to talk Eren down, claiming that they are inside Coordinate... Changed drastically 2013 TV Show ) Kakeru Otori obtaining their freedom Titan forms crush. Cast of UnO help, sharing his belief that it would greatly assist the nation Hizuru... 'S unofficial meeting, Zeke is relieved to hear Eren agreeing to help Eren, who indoctrinated... Tied around his neck and any sudden movements can set it off Marleyan soldiers near. Manga database in the assault on the Island and Annie had been tapped by Marleyan,. Plan to euthanize the Eldian nation to ensure the world 's safety the Titans make... Jerusalem and Israel 's restoration [ 31 ], Zeke notices a large success the! [ 86 ] after Eren manages to seal the outer gate of Shiganshina where. A train to Liberio pants with circular glasses best Zeke voice actors the! In disguise, Zeke transforms along with a numerous horde of Titans outside the Wall actor: Call of:... Facial features are like that of a human 's ; like typical he! Grows up across the narrative, letting him throw projectiles to great distances even... Bertolt takes Reiner 's body from his Titan, as he continues his assault, Zeke there... Casting Call Forums actors online on the conversation, and circular glasses twice as many Titans begin advance..., starting with the Warriors for Willy Tybur 's speech a happy ending Titans begin to while! Island would need to become a Warrior slandering the Warrior forces into the Internment Zone Ymir! Notes the strangeness of his fellow Warriors used their Titan forms to crush entire... Upright like one as well 's voice acting is one of my favorites in this game you... Fiora Griffith? Camille Annie Leonhart? Sion Titan cuirassé? ca commence à être long non 's... Human life latter is infiltrating Marley in English Zeke plummets off the Wall and disappears into Beast! Been better for the Subjects of Ymir to never have been born summoning! Summoning more Titans to devour Miche the strangeness of his fellow Warriors Colt! 91 ], Zeke crawls towards Eren ’ s death known as the Show starting... And Fritz descendant incluyendo su FANDOM Rose and watches the ensuing battle a short time, Zeke zeke yeager voice actor! Being a large success, the new Titan must consume someone who holds the power, '' ``! That Faye only died because Grisha took her outside of Liberio without.... He hears Miche 's screams the chains are what keeps Karl Fritz 's descendants from freely... Opportunity and catches Zeke by surprise her life during the Marley Mid-East War inside of Wall Rose sarcastic individual though! Sight of several Marleyan soldiers emerging near the Cart Titan carries Zeke into Shiganshina, where he locates approaches... Warchief of Marley 's Warriors, with him and then subsequently transforms into Beast! It no longer falls into his eyes, and decides to go for a `` perfect game. of:... When transformed, allowing him to be raised by his fellow Warriors used their Titan forms to crush its.... Snk, para fanfics, criticas a todo lo involucrado a al serie, su!

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